Australian family tree

Our Australian Cousins

Mary Catherine Gregorie, only daughter of Fred and Edith Gregorie, and her twin brother David George Gregorie were born at Napier on March 13, 1898.

Mary went to Woodford House school, Havelock North, and later went home to live with her parents at Gorge End, Pahiatua.

In 1924 she married Donald Kinnell, an Englishman she met in Wellington while he was visiting his brothers in New Zealand, and returned with him to England to live at Walton-on-Thames. Their daughter, Jean Mary (Jenny), was born on January 12, 1925.

Jenny joined the WAAF at the age of 19, married Australian serviceman Kenneth Eadie at the age of 21 and returned with him to live in Australia.

She and Ken Eadie had three children, Michael (b.1 Feb 1946 - d.16 Jul 1947), Geoffrey Michael (b.24 Nov 1947) and Peter Donald (b.22 Nov 1949). Ken Eadie died on June 5, 1955.

In 1953 Jenny Eadie entered into a common-law marriage with Kevin Meynell. They had one son, Saul (b.19 Jun 1954 - d.6 Apr 1967). Kevin Meynell died in a car accident in 1957.

Jenny Meynell subsequently had a brief relationship with Bill Deagan (b.14 May 1932). They had one daughter, Lily (Lil) (b.3 Jun 1959).

Geoffrey Michael Eadie married Paulina Phillips in 1989. They were divorced in 1994. Geoff and Paulina Eadie had one daughter, Megan (Meg) (b.1 Apr 1990).

Peter Donald Eadie married Debra-Ann (Debbie) (b.10 Oct 1956), from the United States, on 25 September, 1982. They have two sons, Nick (b.1 Apr 1988) and Sam (b.8 Jan 1993).