The Gregories

A brief history of the Gregorie family,
with special reference to the Gregorie family of New Zealand,
their forebears and their descendants.
Coat of Arms Seal on a sword blade

Description of the Coat of Arms:

Silver fir tree growing out a green base, a blue sword supporting a gold crown on its point and a red lion in each of the unoccupied corners. The crest is the same as that on the family seal - a fallen oak log with a vigorous shoot growing out of it. The motto is "Non deficit alter" - there shall not fail to be another. Under the crest is a wreath of family colours - white and red - and there is a red and silver mantle-arrangement behind the shield.

Sketch of the Gregorie coat of arms.

The family seal engraved on Gen. Charles Frederick Gregorie CB's dress sword.

The first person to use the surname Gregorie was James MacGregor, a descendant of Gregor MacGregor of Glenlyon, who settled in the lowlands of Aberdeen in the mid-sixteenth century.

Gaelic was not spoken in the Scottish Lowlands, and James MacGregor dropped the Gaelic "mac", meaning "son of", from his name, adopting the Lowland diminutive "ie" instead. He was known thereafter as James Gregorie.

James was given the post of chamberlain at Woodland, in the parish of Udny, by Lord Ogilvie of Findlater, his maternal grandfather. He married Agnes, sister of William Moir (or More), Laird of Ferryhill, near Aberdeen. He died on December 11, 1584. James and Agnes Gregorie had three surviving children: James, Thomas (died without issue) and Janet.

James Gregorie ( - 1623)

James Gregorie was a saddler in Aberdeen, who held the office of Deacon-Convenor of the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. His name is entered in the Register of Burgesses of the Burgh of Aberdeen, 1599-1631, dated May 23, 1595. He married Margaret Barber (or Barbour), a merchant’s daughter. He died in 1623. James and Margaret Gregorie had two surviving sons: John (1598-1650), and James — a merchant in Aberdeen, who left no descendants.

John Gregorie (1598-1650)

John Gregorie was educated at schools in Aberdeen, and at Marischal College from May 17, 1613, graduating in 1616. He studied theology at St Andrews University and was appointed minister of Drumoak in Aberdeenshire.

The following year he married Janet Anderson (see Davie Do A’ Thing).

Seventeenth century Scotland was in a ferment of religious unrest. Militant fundamentalists known as the "Covenanters" were trying to reform the established episcopal church along presbyterian lines — replacing priests with ministers chosen by their congregations, and replacing bishops with moderators elected by the church assemblies.

John Gregorie was a "riche man" and "of the moderate party in the Church" — that is to say, he was a supporter of the established church. He spoke out against the Covenant from the pulpit, offending the zealous Covenanters who controlled the Assembly of Aberdeen.

In 1638 he was fined 1000 merks for "outstanding against the Covenant" and thrown into prison. He escaped by sea the following year, but was recaptured. The Assembly of Aberdeen dismissed him from his position at Drumoak in 1640, but he was reinstated in 1641 by the Assembly of St Andrews.

In 1644 David Anderson, Janet’s brother, died without heirs and the estate of Finshaugh came to Janet and her two sisters. The family’s wealth was further increased when the estates of Kinairdy and Netherdaill in Banffshire were made over to John Gregorie in 1647 as a result of legal proceedings against the Crichton family, who apparently owed him a considerable amount of money.

In 1649 he was again dismissed by the Assembly but was reinstated by the Synod. He died in 1650 and was buried at Drumoak. John and Janet Gregorie had five children: Alexander (1623-1664) (see Kinairdy Castle), David (1625-1720) (See Kinairdy Castle), James (see Telescopes, Books & Patent Medicines and A Father’s Legacy), Margaret (married Thomas Mercer, merchant in Aberdeen, by whom she had a son, James, and four daughters, Agnes, Jean, Christian and Isabel) and Janet (married Thomas Thomson, of Faichfield, by whom she had three daughters, Isabel, Janet and Margaret.).

David Gregorie of Kinairdy (1625-1720)

David Gregorie, second son of the Rev. John Gregorie, was born on December 20, 1625. He was given a thorough grounding in mathematics by his mother, but his father decided that he should be a merchant and he was apprenticed to a Scottish mercantile house at Campvere (Kampen), in the Netherlands. He was elected a Burgess of Aberdeen on September 20, 1648.

Soon after his father’s death he returned to Scotland and in 1655 settled in Aberdeen. From 1663 to 1669 he was librarian at Marischal College, Aberdeen, and corresponded widely on scientific matters. In 1664, his elder brother Alexander was killed and David inherited his estates of Kinairdy and Netherdaill. He secured possession of Kinairdy Castle and went there to live, hence the Scottish title "of Kinairdy" attached to his name (see Kinairdy Castle).

He was noted for his skill as a self-taught physician and for his scientific interests.

At the outbreak of the first Jacobite rebellion in 1715, he took his family to Campvere in Holland, staying there until shortly before his death in 1720. David Gregorie married twice and had 29 children. He married Jean, daughter of Patrick Walker of Orchiston, on February 8, 1655.

David and Jean Gregorie had fifteen children as under:

Jean b. 27 Mar 1656 d. Nov 1675
John b. 3 Feb 1657 d. 21 Feb 1658
Alexander b. 24 Feb 1658 d. Nov 1658
David b. 3 Jun 1659 d.1708)
William b. 12 Jul 1660 d. Mar 1661
Isabel b. 18 Jul 1661 d. 1697
Janet b. 10 Aug 1662 d. 1686
Christian b. 15 Jan 1664 d. 12 Jan 1739
Margaret b. 5 Feb 1665 d. Oct 1667
Marjorie b. 5 Feb 1665 d. Sep 1665
James d. 29 Apr 1742
Patrick b. 26 Jul 1667 d. 29 Jan 1668
Son b. 13 Sep 1668 stillborn
Anna b. 16 Feb 1670 d. Oct 1675
Daughter b. Oct 1671 stillborn

Jean Gregorie died giving birth to her fifteenth child.

On February 15, 1672, David married Isabel, daughter of John Gordon, bailie and merchant in Aberdeen.

David and Isabel Gregorie had fourteen children as under:

Margaret b. 25 Mar 1673 d 1732
John b. 23 Jun 1674 d. 1675
Daughter b. 7 Oct 1675 stillborn
Jean b. 1676
Alexander b. 1678 lost at sea, no date
John b. 1679 d. 10 Jul 1713
Charles b. 14 Feb 1681 d. 1754
Mary b. 5 Jun 1682
William b. 2 Feb 1684 died young
George d. 1731
Anna dates unknown
Robert dates unknown
Arthur b. date unknown d. 1715
Infant stillborn, date unknown

David Gregorie of Kinairdy died in 1720 at the age of 95. Of his 29 children, four were stillborn, seven died in infancy and at least two died while they were quite young. Only four children from his first marriage — David, Isabel, Christian and James — married and of these only David (see Professors) and James (see South Carolina and Massachusetts) are known to have had children of their own. Five children of his second marriage — Margaret, Jean, Charles, George (see Dunkirk) and Anna — married and of these only Margaret, Charles (see below) and George are known to have had children of their own.

Charles Gregorie (1681-1754)

Charles Gregorie, the twenty-second child of David Gregorie of Kinairdy, was born on February 14, 1681. He studied at Marischal College, Aberdeen, then at the University of Glasgow, then at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. and 1701 and M.A. in 1704.

By 1707 he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at St Andrews University and held the post for 32 years. About 1739 he resigned in favour of his son David. He published "several mathematical treatises", but these have not been traced. (see Professors)

He married Margaret Campbell. Charles and Margaret Gregorie had three children: Margaret (baptised 21 Dec 1710), David (baptised 19 Sep 1712) and Isabel (baptised 29 Jan 1714).

David Gregorie (1712-1765)

David Gregorie, only son of Charles Gregorie, was baptised on September 19, 1712. He was for some time tutor to the sons of the Duke of Gordon. In 1739 he succeeded his father as professor mathematics at St Andrews. (see Professors)

David Gregorie published only one work, "Arithmeticæ et algebræ compendium," Edinburgh, 1736. He married a Miss Patterson. David Gregorie died in 1765.

David and Mrs Gregorie had two children: Charles (1751 - ) and Catherine (dates unknown), who married John Graham-Bonar, by whom she had issue.

Charles Gregorie (1751 - )

Charles Gregorie, the only son of David Gregorie, was born on Nov 22, 1751. He entered the service of the East India Company and eventually became captain of an Indiaman called the "Fortitude". On June 7, 1787, he married Catherine Sophia, daughter of George Macaulay, MD. George Macaulay was the son of Archibald Macaulay, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and brother of Anne Macaulay, the first wife of David Gregorie of Dunkirk. Catherine Gregorie died on April 8, 1821, but the date of the death of Charles Gregorie is not known. Charles and Catherine Gregorie had four children, as under:

Catherine (1788-1870) In 1813 she married John Fortescue Brickdale, by whom she had issue. David William (1790-1842). See below.
Charles (1791-1858) Born on April 14, 1791. Served in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo as Captain in the 13th Light Dragoons. Charles died unmarried on October 16, 1858.
George (1792-?) George was born on November 21, 1792. He graduated BA in 1816, MA in 1822, at Christ Church, Oxford, and practised as a barrister-at-law. He died unmarried.

David William Gregorie (1790-1842)

David William Gregorie, second child of Charles Gregorie, was born on April 25, 1790. He graduated BA in 1811 and MA in 1814 at Christ Church, Oxford. In 1811 he was admitted to Lincoln’s Inn and in 1815 he was called to the bar and became a barrister-at-law. In 1825 he was appointed one of the police magistrates of London and sat in Westminster Police Court. He was also a barrister on the western circuit, Hampshire sessions, and a magistrate for Middlesex.

He married Eleanor St Barbe White (see The Naturalist). He died on October 15, 1842.

David and Eleanor Gregorie had four children:

Charles Frederick (1834-1918) See below.
George Wayne (1836-1926) (see The English Gregories)
Eleanor Mary (1838-1856)
Catherine Blanche (1840-1911)

Charles Frederick Gregorie (1834-1918)

Charles Frederick Gregorie, eldest son of David William Gregorie, was born on November 24 (or 25), 1834. He was educated at Westminster School, as a Queen’s Scholar. After leaving school in 1853, he worked as a clerk in the Post Office for two years.

In 1855 he joined the army as an ensign in the 23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) and was promoted lieutenant the same year. In that year he served in the Crimean War. In May 1857 he was appointed adjutant and served with his regiment in the Indian mutiny of 1857-58, being present at the relief and capture of Lucknow, for which he received a medal with two clasps.

He was promoted captain in 1859 and served in Malta for two years before returning to England. In 1871 he was promoted major and joined the 18th Regiment of Foot (Royal Irish Regiment). In 1878, after 24 years’ service, he was promoted lieutenant-colonel, and then brevet colonel in 1881. In 1882 he served in the Egyptian Campaign, taking part in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (see War in Egypt, 1882). For his part in this campaign he received the medal with clasp, the medal third class of the Medjidie, the Khedive’s Star, and he was mentioned in despatches in the London Gazette of November 2, 1882.

In 1890 he was promoted major-general and in 1897 was appointed Colonel in Chief of the Royal Irish Regiment.

He was said to have been a strict disciplinarian, very fair to the lower ranks but a tyrant to the young officers. He was also described as a high-principled man and an unsympathetic father.

On October 20, 1859, Charles Frederick Gregorie married Henrietta Amy Lawrence, (b.16 Oct 1837, d.14 Mar 1904), third daughter of George Lawrence of Moreton Court, Hereford. She was said to have been a woman of great character and charm. After the general’s retirement, they lived at Lymington, Hampshire. Charles and Henrietta Gregorie had ten children, as under:

David George (1860-1886)
Frederick Macaulay (1861-1945) (see below)
Charles (1862-1951)
Eleanor St Barbe (1865-1869)
Edith Mary St Barbe (1866-1911)
Mary St Barbe (1868-1874)
Jessie Christian (no dates known)
Catherine Henrietta (1874 - )
Hugh Gilbert (1878-1928)
Margaret Augusta (b.& d. 1883)

Of these, only Frederick Macaulay, Charles, Catherine Henrietta and Hugh Gilbert married and had issue. Edith Mary St Barbe took her own life by jumping from a railway overbridge in 1911. Jessie Christian died unmarried at Alassio, Italy, about 1956.

David George Gregorie (1860-1886)

David George Gregorie was born on 4 August, 1860. He was educated on the training ship Worcester and went into the merchant navy at the age of 16. At the age of 20 he entered the army as a second lieutenant in his father’s regiment, the Royal Irish. He served in the Egyptian campaign in 1882, and was awarded the Bronze Star and Medal with Clasp for his part in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir. In 1884 he was attached to the Egyptian Army and served in the Nile and Suakin campaigns. The Medal with Three Clasps and Fourth Class Osmanieh, was conferred on him by the Khedive of Egypt. An account of the campaign in the boys’ novel "Blue Lights" by R M Ballantine, refers to him as "the gallant Captain Gregorie". He was killed on October 22, 1886, by being thrown during a polo match and crushed by the falling horse. He died unmarried.

Frederick Macaulay Gregorie (1861-1945)

Frederick Macaulay Gregorie was born on August 27, 1861. He was educated at the Thames Marine Officers’ Training Ship at Chatham, but did not enter the merchant navy.

His father thought him unsuited to the army because of his severe stammer. He refused to consider the Church as a career and emigrated to New Zealand in 1881. His brother Charles joined him the following year, but they had a disagreement and Charles returned to England. Fred worked at Tongoio Station in Hawkes Bay to gain experience before buying his own property at Oporae.

He married Edith Dinwiddie (1873-1954), daughter of newspaper proprietor Peter Forrest Dinwiddie, at Napier in 1897 (see Aropaoanui and The Dinwiddies). The Gregories farmed at Oporae in the Dannevirke District until 1907 when they retired to Havelock North (see Oporae).

In 1914, they moved to Gorge End, a farm near Pahiatua (see Gorge End and Recollections of Gorge End), and in 1940 they retired for the second time, to Palmerston North. Fred Gregorie died at Palmerston North on August 26, 1945, and Edith died in Masterton on May 3, 1954.

Fred and Edith Gregorie had three children: The twins David George and Mary Catherine (b.13 Mar 1898), and Frederick Charles (1901-1991).

Charles Gregorie (1862-1951)

Charles Gregorie, third child of Charles Frederick Gregorie, was born on August 29, 1862.

In 1882 he joined his brother Fred in New Zealand, but returned to England after a disagreement. He became a mining engineer with his uncle Arthur Lawrence, but later set up as a consultant mining engineer. He lived at Aberavon, Barry and Cardiff, in Glamorgan, South Wales.

In 1901 he married Rachel Elizabeth Lewis (1880-1958), daughter of James Lewis, a coal owner of Plas Dawr, Aberdare, and High Sheriff of Breconshire. Her brother, James Windsor Lewis, married Charles’ sister, Catherine Henrietta Gregorie. About 1920 Charles was managing director of the Cwm Dyffryn colliery at Port Talbot. After Charles’ retirement the family lived at Reading, where he died on February 8, 1951. After his death his widow and their daughter Alice returned to Cardiff, where Mrs Rachel Gregorie died on May 25, 1958.

Charles and Rachel Gregorie had two children: Alice Mary (1902-1985) and George Windsor (1905-1996). Alice Mary Gregorie died unmarried.

George Windsor Gregorie (1905-1996)

George Windsor Gregorie, only son of Charles Gregorie, was born on November 12, 1905. He was educated at Cheltenham College.

He joined the merchant service in 1921, gaining his master’s certificate in 1935. In 1931 he joined the Royal Naval Reserve as a sub-lieutenant and on the outbreak of war in 1939 was given command of the Antisubmarine Trawler Group, Dover Patrol. He later saw service in British waters and in Australia. In 1940 he married his cousin Olwen Elizabeth Lewis (1915-1977), daughter of Canon J A Lewis, Vicar of St John’s, Cardiff, and Precentor at Llandaff. George retired from RNR in 1948 with the rank of commander and joined the staff of the LCC Nautical School as lecturer and instructor. In 1950 he and Olwen bought a farm at Caehedydd, Shirenewton, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, where they lived for many years. George and Olwen Gregorie had no children. Olwen Gregorie died on ?????? George married Irene Collier (née Fletcher) on October 18, 1985. He died on October 24, 1996 at the age of 91. He is survived by Irene Gregorie, who lives at Pendarron, Argoed, Blackwood, Gwent.

Catherine Henrietta Gregorie (1874 - 1972)

Catherine Henrietta Gregorie, born on September 20, 1874, eighth child of Charles Frederick Gregorie, married James Windsor Lewis, brother of Rachel Elizabeth Lewis who married her brother Charles Gregorie. James Lewis was killed in France in about 1916 during the First World War. James and Catherine Lewis had three children: James Charles, Joan Henrietta and Jean Mary. James Charles Lewis (1907-1964) married Audrey Harrison and they had two daughters. Joan Henrietta Lewis (b. 8 Jan 1909 - ) married Ashton Curzon-Howe-Herrick (1898-1959) and they had two children, Marigold (1934 - 1983) and Montagu (b. 8 Feb 1939 - ). Marigold and Montagu both married but their spouses and/or children are not at present known to the author. Jean Mary Lewis (b. 11 Feb 1912 - ) married William Glerum (b. 28 Aug 1911 - ) and had one son, James (b. 27 Jul 1948 - ). James married Delia Rawlings (b 3 Jul 1946 - ) and they have two sons, Jonathan (b. 1980 - ) and Simon (b. 1984 - ).

Hugh Gilbert Gregorie (1878-1928)

Hugh Gilbert Gregorie, ninth child of Charles Frederick Gregorie, was born on August 3, 1878. Nothing is known of his education. Like his father and his eldest brother he joined the army and served in the Imperial Light Infantry before transferring to the Royal Irish Regiment as second lieutenant in 1900. He served in the South African War from 1901 to 1903, receiving the King’s Medal with two clasps. In 1905 he was transferred to Rawalpindi, where he served with distinction. He saw active service in the First World War, receiving the DSO and Légion d’Honeur, 4th Class. In 1926 he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel in command of the King’s Own Malta Regiment. He married Irene Rosaline Tarrant (née Seton-Winton), (1889-1987) in 1922, and died aged 49 at Sunningdale in 1928. Irene Gregorie had a daughter, Sheila Tarrant, from her previous marriage. Hugh and Irene Gregorie had two daughters: Daphne Anne Christian (b.3 Aug 1923) and Jean Henrietta (b.7 Jan 1927). Daphne Gregorie married Ronald Cameron Henley. They have no children. Jean Henrietta Gregorie married Peter Aylwin and they have four children: Susan Evelyn (b.8 Jan 1950), Caroline Rosalind (b.23 Jul 1951), Richard Hugh (b.4 Sep 1955) and Jane (b.22 Jan 1959). Sue Aylwin married Christopher Young and they have two daughters, Emily Evelyn (b.17 Apr 1976) and Lucinda (Lucy) Carolyn (b.23 Jun 1978). Caroline Aylwin married Robin McDonagh and they have two sons, James Richard William (b.13 Sep 1979 and Charles Patrick Alexander (b.1 Jan 1990). Richard Aylwin married Monica Ionani and they have two sons, Oliver Robert (b.13 Oct 1993) and Lawrence (b.6 Nov. 1996).

David George Gregorie (1898-1979)

David George Gregorie and his twin sister Mary Catherine Gregorie were born at Napier on March 13, 1898. Both children were educated at their home at Oporae until they were nine, when David went to Heretaunga School and Mary went to Woodford House, both in Havelock North.

David went to Nelson College from 1914 to 1917 and then to the Canterbury Flying School at Sockburn, near Christchurch, to train for the Royal Flying Corps. Two young men from Pahiatua were at Sockburn with him — E H J (Ernest) Miller and R J (Ron) Sinclair — both of whom remained life-long friends.

David was the 36th student to graduate from the flying school when he received his wings on February 6, 1918. He went to England to train for the RFC at Oxford and was commissioned as lieutenant in the newly-formed Royal Air Force in 1918. He did not see active service and returned to New Zealand in 1919.

He trained as a forester with the New Zealand Forest Service before starting his own nursery business, "The Forest Nursery", at Pahiatua in the mid-1920s (see The Forest Nursery). In 1929 David married Lilian Mary James (1902-1966), second daughter and fifth child of Edwin Charles James, a marine engine fitter, and Sarah Charlotte Eddy, of Barry Dock, South Wales.

The Gregories were in business in Pahiatua until 1966, when Lilian died, and David handed the management of the nursery to his son-in-law, Dan Hennebry. The two men sold their various Pahiatua properties in 1970 and Dan re-opened the Forest Nursery at Wairakei, near Taupo, David joining Dan, Ann and their four children there in 1971. David married Florence Davis in 1977 and died in 1979. He was survived by his second wife, two children of his first marriage and seven grandchildren.

David and Lilian Gregorie had three children: David Macaulay (b.1930-), Hugh (1933-stillborn) and Ann Catherine (b.1937-).

David Macaulay Gregorie (1930 - )

David Macaulay Gregorie was born at Pahiatua on June 9, 1930. He was educated at Pahiatua District High School and Wairarapa College, Masterton. In 1949 he joined the staff of "The Dominion" newspaper in Wellington as a cadet reporter. In 1951 David and two friends, Ken Gibson and Bill Lambert, worked on the Wellington waterfront for eleven months before going to Europe in 1952. He lived at Barry, South Wales, for nearly two years, staying with his mother’s brother and sister-in-law, Percy Edwin James and Robina James (née Lister), and later with his cousin Margaret Phillips (née James) and her husband Alan. He was a laboratory assistant at Distillers Limited at Penarth and had other short-term jobs. He and his friends went to London in June, 1953, to see the coronation procession and then went on a two-month tour of Western Europe by motorcycle. He returned to New Zealand in 1954 and in 1955 went to Wellington Teachers’ College and Victoria University to train as a teacher. He taught at Omanu School, Mount Manganui, until 1965 when he returned to Pahiatua, to teach at his old school — Pahiatua District High School, now shorn of secondary division (Tararua College), and renamed Hillcrest. In 1969 David went to the United Kingdom for twelve months as an exchange teacher at St Bernadette’s School in Kenton, Middlesex. After his return to New Zealand, David took over Kaitawa School, a two-teacher school 8km outside Pahiatua, where he was principal 1971-77. He left teaching in 1978 and joined the Tourist and Publicity Department as a journalist. In 1980 he was appointed press officer for the Department of Lands and Survey, writing and illustrating feature articles on land settlement, surveying, map making and conservation issues for newspapers and magazines. In 1987 he joined the newly-formed Department of Conservation as a writer and editor. He left the public service in 1988 to work as a free-lance photo-journalist.

Ann Catherine Gregorie (1937 - )

Ann Catherine Gregorie was born at Pahiatua on March 11, 1937. She was educated at Pahiatua District High School and St Matthew's School, Masterton. She left school at the age of 17 to work for Norton Atkinson, an accountant in Pahiatua, and at the Pahiatua Veterinary Clinic. On November 10, 1956 she married Daniel Patrick Bernard Hennebry, a young immigrant of Irish descent, who had been working for Eric Gregorie at Gorge End. Dan Hennebry left Gorge End to work for David Gregorie at The Forest Nursery and he and Ann built a new home for themselves, close to David and Lilian’s house. At first Dan worked for wages, but as he gained knowledge and skill David took him into partnership. When David retired, Dan took over the management of Forest Nursery. In 1970 he and David sold their interests in Pahiatua and Dan shifted the entire nursery business to Wairakei, just outside of Taupo, where he ran it in conjunction with a small farm. In 1986, Dan and Ann retired to Taupo, where Ann works at the local Veterinary Clinic and Dan helps to run a tourist launch business on the Lake. Dan and Ann Hennebry have four children: Ruth Ann (b.1958), Catherine Mary (b.1960), John James Gregorie (b.1962) and Megan Jane (b.1965).

Ruth Ann Hennebry (1958 - )

Ruth Ann Hennebry, eldest child of Dan and Ann Hennebry, was born at Pahiatua on February 19, 1958. She was educated at Hillcrest School, Pahiatua, and St Matthew’s School, Masterton. On February 19, 1978, she married Ron Pulman but he deserted her and she divorced him. Ron and Ruth Pulman had two children, twin boys Daniel James and Alexander Stanley, who were born at Taupo on May 30, 1976. Both boys subsequently changed their surname to Hennebry by deed poll. Daniel and Alex Hennebry were educated at Taupo-Nui-a-Tia College and are currently studying at Waikato University. Ruth entered an informal marriage with Glen Trethowen (b. 27 Mar 1951) and the couple went into business on Waiheke Island as furniture removers. The couple have since separated. Ruth and Glen Trethowen had two children, Benjamin Lewis (b. 24 Apr 1992) and Dion George (b.13 Mar 1995).

Catherine Mary Hennebry (1960 - )

Catherine Mary Hennebry was born at Pahiatua on January 6, 1960. She was educated at Hillcrest School, Pahiatua, Taupo-Nui-a-Tia College, and Canterbury University. She trained as an art teacher but subsequently went into business with a chain of craft shops with branches in Auckland and Hamilton. She and John Larkin had one son, Jimmy Awanui who was born on August 18, 1986. In 1999 Catherine (Kate) married John Osborne and they have one daughter Lilian Rose, who was born at Auckland on 10 May, 2000.

Lilian Rose Osborne (2000-)

Lilian Rose Osborne was born at Auckland on 10 May, 2000.

John James Gregorie Hennebry (1962 - )

John James Gregorie Hennebry was born at Pahiatua on November 2, 1962. He was educated at Hillcrest School, Taupo-Nui-a-Tia College and Waikato University. He works an an investigator for the Land Transport Safety Authority. On September 18, 1987, he married Sally-Maree Cynthia (Sally) Clarkson (b. 27 Jan 1966), natural daughter of Grant Ready and Margaret Beatrice MacKenzie, and adopted daughter of Peter James Clarkson and Cynthia Joan Evelyn Clarkson (née Downham), of Te Awamutu. She was educated at Rangipai School, Matamata Intermediate and College and Waikato University. She works as a family co-ordinator for Birthright. John and Sally Hennebry have one child, Connor James (b.4 Nov 1994). John and Sally Hennebry have since separated.

Megan Jane Hennebry (1965 - )

Megan Jane Hennebry was born at Pahiatua on November 8, 1965. She was educated at Hillcrest School and Taupo-Nui-a-Tia College. She and John Rameka had one child, Ani Tosh, who was born on the roadside between Taupo and Rotorua on December 23, 1989, her uncle John Hennebry and an ambulance driver in attendance. Megan and Ani live on Waiheke Island, where Ani attends Waiheke Island Area School. Megan sells her own art and craft work. Both are heavily involved in the local marae. Megan had a brief relationship with Chris Bailey, by whom she had one daughter, Mowai-a-Rangi, who was born on 27 November, 1998.

Ani Tosh Hennebry (1989-)

Ani Tosh Hennebry was born near Taupo on November 8, 1989. Her unusual second name harks back to Isabel Tosh, who was married to George Jamieson, grandson of Gilbert Anderson, one of the Gregorie ancestors. She lives on Waiheke Island where she goes to school and takes an active part in the activities of the local marae.

Mowai-a-Rangi Bailey (1998-)

Mowai-a-Rangi Bailey was born at Auckland on 27 November, 1998.

Catherine Mary Gregorie (1898 - 2000 )

Catherine Mary Gregorie, only daughter of Fred and Edith Gregorie, and her twin brother David George Gregorie, were born at Napier on March 13, 1898. Both children were educated at their home at Oporae until they were nine, when David went to Heretaunga School and Mary went to Woodford House, in Havelock North. Mary left school to live with her parents at Gorge End, Pahiatua, during the First World War. After the war she went to live in Wellington and married Donald Kinnell, an Englishman who was visiting his brothers in New Zealand, on April 14, 1924. Donald and Mary Kinnell lived at Walton-on-Thames, England, where their only daughter, Jean Mary (Jenny), was born on January 12, 1925. In 1960 she went to live in Australia, first at Terrigal and then at Murwillumbah. In 1953 she went to New Zealand to look after her mother until her death in 1954, when she returned to Australia. Mary died in 1990, aged 102.

Jean Mary (Jenny) Kinnell (1925 - )

Jean Mary (Jenny) Kinnell, only daughter of Donald and Mary Kinnell, was born at Walton-on-Thames, England, on January 12, 1925. She joined the WAAF at the age of 19, married Australian serviceman Kenneth Eadie at the age of 21 and returned with him to live in Australia. Ken Eadie died on June 5, 1955. Ken and Jenny Eadie had three children, Michael (b.1 Feb 1946 - d.16 Jul 1947), Geoffrey Michael (b.24 Nov 1947) and Peter Donald (b.22 Nov 1949).

In 1953 Jenny Eadie entered into a common-law marriage with Kevin Meynell, by whom she had one son, Saul (b.19 Jun 1954 - d.6 Apr 1967). Kevin Meynell died in a car accident in 1957. Jenny Meynell subsequently had a brief relationship with Bill Deagan (b.14 May 1932), by whom she had one daughter, Lily (Lil) (b.3 Jun 1959).

Geoffrey Michael Eadie (1947 - )

Geoffrey Michael Eadie was born on November 24, 1947. He married Paulina Phillips in 1989. They were divorced in 1994. Geoff and Paulina Eadie had one daughter, Megan (Meggie) (b.1 Apr 1990).

Peter Donald Eadie (1949 - )

Peter Donald Eadie was born on November 22, 1949. He married Debra-Ann (Debbie) (b.10 Oct 1956) on 25 September, 1982. They have two sons, Nick (b.1 Apr 1988) and Sam (b.8 Jan 1993).

Frederick Charles Gregorie (1901-1991)

Frederick Charles (Eric) Gregorie, third child of Fred and Edith Gregorie, was born at Napier on November 18, 1901. He was educated at Heretaunga School, Havelock North, and Nelson College. He left school in 1917 and returned to the family farm at Gorge End, Pahiatua, to help his father while David was training for the Royal Air Force. When David returned to New Zealand in 1919, Eric went to work at Arapawanui, the Hawkes Bay farm founded by his maternal great-grandfather, John McKinnon, in the 1860s, to gain experience. David opened his nursery business in the mid-1920s and Eric returned to Gorge End to work with his father until 1940, when he enlisted in the New Zealand Army for the duration of the Second World War. He served in a signal battalion in Fiji and the Solomon Islands. On August 21, 1941, Eric married Barbara Mary Martin French (b.29 Mar 1909), daughter of Arthur Martin French and Elsa Mary French (née Price), of London. He died at Taupo on July 18, 1992. Barbara Gregorie died at Taupo in 1996. Eric and Barbara Gregorie had two children, Martin Charles (1946 - ) and Elizabeth Jane (1949 - ).

Martin Charles Gregorie (1946 - )

Martin Charles Gregorie was born at Palmerston North on February 5, 1946. He was educated at Ngaturi School, Hereworth (formerly Heretaunga) School, Nelson College and Victoria University. He has worked in the United Kingdom as a computer programmer since his graduation. He married Marion Denise Jensen but they divorced in 1976. Martin and Marion Gregorie had no children.

Elizabeth Jane Gregorie (1949 - )

Elizabeth Jane Gregorie was born at Pahiatua on June 7, 1949. She was educated at Ngaturi School, St Matthew’s School, Masterton, Canterbury University and Christchurch Teachers’ College, where she trained as a school teacher. She taught for a number of years in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom and then had various positions as tour guide and ski instructor in England and Switzerland. On June 18, 1988, she married John Robert Beresford (b.29 Nov 1945), son of Jack Beresford and Mary Elizabeth Beresford (née Leaning). John and Jane Beresford have one daughter, Emma Mary, who was born on April 21, 1991, at Oxford, England. The Beresfords live near Gloucester in England.

Emma Mary Beresford (1991 - )

Emma Mary Beresford was born on April 21, 1991, at Oxford. She goes to school at Cold Ashton, near Cheltenham, and likes to draw pictures for her cousin David in New Zealand. She is a keen stamp collector and has a fine collection of New Zealand stamps.