Pictures of The Forest Nursery

The Forest Nursery, 1925

The Forest Nursery, 1925. A panorama made from two Vest Pocket Kodak (VPK) 127 snaps taken by Dad. In the left foreground is the rough, uncleared land which Dad started with. The pale area on the left is cultivated land, all dug by hand, and the pale patches on the grass are spaces for individual specimen trees. Just to the right of the join in the pictures, is the "long-drop" toilet. In the centre of the right-hand frame is the tar-paper-clad hut in which Dad lived until his marriage in 1929, with a packing shed attached on the left. There are two new pieces of cultivated land in the centre right while the seed beds, neatly divided by hedge-rows, stretch down to the street on the right. Tylee's Hill is in the right foreground.

First house

The cottage in which Mum and Dad started their married lives at the Forest Nursery. There was a tiny living room (two windows, front and side), kitchen (window obscured), one bedroom (I suppose, about 12x10) on the other side, bathroom off the kitchen, lean-to wash-house just visible at rear, with a dunny on the other side and two 600 gallon rain water tanks behind them.

First house

In this picture the cottage is already surrounded by growing plantations, so it must have been taken after a larger living room and parental bedroom were added in about 1933-34. A second parental bedroom was added in about 1938-39 and Ann moved into what had been their bedroom.

Mary Ann Dinwiddie & David

Group on porch

Great-gran (Mary Ann Dinwiddie) carries little David (David Macaulay Gregorie) on her back Maori-fashion on a visit to the Forest Nursery. The newly-established plantation of C. macrocarpa shows on the hillside in the middle distance, with Tylee's Hill in the background.

David and Lilian Gregorie, with Lilian's brother Ernest James and a friend on the porch of the cottage at the Forest Nursery, 1932.

The old Austin Ann and David

Lilian Gregorie with David and Ann at Napier with the old Austin 12 car. Other friends unknown.

Ann and David.

Kite flying

Martin flies a kite. Martin Gregorie with his Uncle David flies a kite on Robson's Hill behind the new enlarged Forest Nursery. Just behind the figures is part of the large new nursery area. In the right background is Pahiatua District High School.

Lilian Gregorie

Lilian Gregorie, 1954.

Straight Furrow

Dan Hennebry moulding in yearling deciduous trees with the Forest Nursery's Farmall tractor on the planting-out bed below his house. He and Ann (née Gregorie) built this house adjacent to David's and Lilian's house shortly after their marriage in 1954.


Logs being loaded at the Forest Nursery.

David Macauley Gregorie

David Gregorie, 1995.