Pictures of Gorge End

1920s and 30s

Four generations at Gorge End

Four generations on the front verandah:
David Macaulay Gregorie, Aunt Kate, Lilian Gregorie, Edith Gregorie, David George Gregorie, Mary Ann Dinwiddie

Belle Anderson Earthquake

Belle Anderson from Ngaturi, wearing man's clothes, riding David's Douglas motorcycle, 1920s.

Earthquake! The 1934 Horoeka (Pahiatua) earthquake brought down the chimney internally into the kitchen and sitting room. This shows Gran and Grandad with the bricklayer and a pile of bricks in the old kitchen.

Haircut David & Ann

Eric cutting his father's hair on the lawn above the tennis court at Gorge End.

David and Ann, summer, 1938-39, sitting on the bank by the tennis court, Gorge End.

Eric Gregorie

Nelson College uniform Golfing At Gorge End

In Nelson College uniform about 1914-15.

Playing golf, not at Gorge End

In front of Gorge End homestead.

Nelson College uniform

Eric's 1929 Austin 7. This would have been taken in 1929 or the early 30s.


Barbara, Jane & Martin Jane and Barbara

Martin and his mother with baby Jane.

Jane with her mother..

Jane on horse

One very happy little girl. Jane on her horse at Gorge End.

Jane with Ruth and Kate Little Jane Little Jane

Jane with Ruth and Kate.

Little Jane.

Ruth and Kate on Jane's horse.

Family gathering

A family gathering in the garden at Taupo, circa 1963. This house was initially bought as a holiday cottage, but Eric and Barbara retired there after they sold Gorge End. From the left the party are Bernard Dinwiddie, Irini Dinwiddie, Eric(seated), Ernest Dinwiddie (standing), Martin, Jane, Barbara (at rear), Nikki, Airini (behind the bush) and Peggy.

Airini and Peggy were the daughters of Mary Dinwiddie, who married Henry Brewer. Nikki, Peggy"s daughter, later married Peter Dinwiddie, the son of Bernard and Irini.


Church exterior Church interior

Makuri Church.

Inside Makuri Church.

Tennis at Gorge End

Tennis, 1931 Rona Rutherford and Eric

A tennis party, probably 1920s.
Identification is uncertain.
Back: Gran, Jack Anderson,?, Mrs Anderson,?.
Middle: Mr Anderson,?, Grandad,Great Gran,?.
Front: David with Peter Dinwiddie,Lilian.

Rona Rutherford and Eric playing tennis.

Gorge End scenes

Haymaking Lilian and lamb

Haying at Gorge End in the 1920s. Gran leads the horse. On the sledge from left, unknown, Great-gran, Lilian James, Aunt Kate.

Lilian James feeding a lamb, 1920s.

Gorge End, 1930s Hand-coloured Gorge End

Gorge End in the 1930s.

Hand-coloured picture of Gorge End.

Gorge End front, 1965 Gorge End garden, 1965

Front of Gorge End in May 1965.

Gorge End garden, May 1965.

Farm work, 1960s

Draining the flats, late 1960s. This contraption dug a leveled ditch, installed field tiles, and filled in the ditch in one single operation.