Pictures of the Gregories

Charles Gregorie David William Gregorie MA George Gregorie

Charles Gregorie, Captain in the service of the East India Company, married Sophia, daughter of Dr George Macaulay and Catherine Macaulay, authoress. They had four children, David William, Charles (13th Light Dragoons), George (barrister),Catherine Brickdale.

David William Gregorie MA, Magistrate of Westminster, died 1842 aged 52. Married Eleanor St Barbe White. Miniature by Rochard.

George Gregorie, son of Captain Charles Gregorie. He was MA Christchurch Oxon and a barrister at law.

James Gregorie Charles Gregorie Sophia Macaulay

Professor James Gregorie MA, FRS (1638-1675), inventor of the reflecting telescope.

Charles Gregorie, born 1791, son of Charles and Sophia Gregorie. Captain in 13th Light Dragoons. Served through the Peninsular War and at Waterloo. Died in 1858 in Italy. He was unmarried. Miniature by Engleheart.

Catherine Macaulay, daughter of John Sawbridge of Ken, married Dr George Macaulay and after his death the Rev. Graham. Dr & Mrs Macaulay had one daughter, Sophie, who married Captain Charles Gregorie. Mrs Macaulay wrote several remarkable books.

Major-General C F Gregorie, CB Staff conference

Major-General C F Gregorie, CB

Staff conference. Major General Gregorie confers with his aides. Victorian stuffed shirts, or what?

David George Gregorie

David George Gregorie, Lt. Royal Irish Regiment (the same regiment as his father, then Colonel C F Gregorie), Captain, Egyptian Army, was killed accidentally while playing polo. His pony crossed its front legs and fell, rolling on him as it did so. There is a memorial plaque to him in the chapel at Dover Castle. The identity of the officer sitting by the grave is unknown.

Lt.Cdr George Windsor Gregorie, RNVR

Lt.Cdr George Windsor Gregorie, RNVR