Havelock North in pictures

Heretaunga School, 1910

This is Heretaunga School in 1910. I think that is Eric sitting next to the master in the second row.

To Cape Kidnappers

Horses to Cape Kidnappers. Sea-bathing with the horses near Cape Kidnappers. At low tide you can ride right out to the cape.

Mary"s room

Mary"s room at Havelock North.

North verandah

North verandah at Havelock North. Uncle Bernard (or Ernest), Aunt Kate, Mary, Gran.

Backyard at Havelock

Backyard at Havelock North. Vegetable garden, fowl yard down the hill from the house.


The Gregories ran a very nice open carriage. From left: David, Eric, Uncle Bernard or Ernest, Mary, Grandad, Aunt Kate, Gran.

Stable door

Children by the stable at Havelock North. The group includes David, Eric and Mary and two unidentified children.

Horse brothers

David and Eric on their horses below the house. This is the north side of the house, with the main entrance to the left.


All his life, David was an excellent shot. Aged 14 he won a trophy for shooting at Havelock North. He is seen here on the front lawn of the Gregorie home.

Model flier

David aged 14 with a model aircraft he had constructed. (See The first Gregorie to fly for more details about the model.)

Havelock North today

Havelock North today. I took this photo in 1979. It wasn't possible to get the same angle as the older photo as the garden is now in the way. This the front of the house, seen from somewhere behind where David and Eric were sitting on their horses by the carriage.

North verandah today

North verandah 1979. The back half of the house was cut off in about 1914-15 shortly after the Gregories sold the property. Believe it or not, but in the early 70s the present owner applied to the Hastings Fire Brigade to burn it down. This was granted and done. What a waste of valuable timber. A tastefully pastel-shaded crapalux wedding cake has been built in its place. It leaks.