Pictures of Napier

Peter Forest Dinwiddie Mary Ann Dinwiddie

Peter Forrest Dinwiddie.

Mary Ann Dinwiddie.

The Dinwiddie's house on Bluff Hill

The Dinwiddie's house on Bluff Hill, overlooking the city.

Edith Dinwiddie Fred Gregorie

Edith Dinwiddie, about the time of her marriage to Fred Gregorie in 1897.

Fred Gregorie, about the time of his marriage.

David and Mary Little Eric

Twins David and Mary at Napier, about 1902-3.

Little Eric.

Edith and Eric

Eric with his mother at Napier, about 1902.

Bathing at Napier

Bathing at Bluff Hill, Napier, about 1902-3. David on the left, Eric (still in pinafores), Mary (obscured) behind him. The identity of the young woman is not known.