May 1999 Rubber - 20th Anniversary Edition

© EOB, 2019

May99 Ltd is proud to announce pre-ordering for cloned rubber from the world-renounced batch originally released in May 1999.

Details of how to order and other information is given below.


In rubber-powered model aircraft flying the highest energy storage ever measured came from the famous May 1999 batch produced in the USA. Over the years, as chemical formulations have by necessity been changed, batches of later rubber never matched those of May 1999 and, despite fragility, this rubber batch is still chosen for competition indoor model flying world-wide. As such the limited supplies have dwindled to the point where May 1999 is now a traded commodity and has been bought up by investors, never to be used for it's manufactured purchase.


Over the last 20 years many technical developments in material and biological reproduction have led to perfect clones being produced (think Dolly the sheep, Brian the Silver Egret and Cleopatra the Komodo Dragon amongst others). In conjunction with these institutions, May99 Ltd started a development programme to see if it was possible to 'clone' organic rubber, the results being so successful that we are now able to offer 'May 99 20th Anniversary Edition' (M9920AE) to model flyers on a pre-order basis.


Obviously our IP will not be disclosed but needless to say we can create exact copies or 'clones' of the rubber constituent even down to the position in the batch length; it is well known for example that 'Position 94' is the best section of all the May 1999 rubber. In simple terms we use a proprietary technique to characterise the specific rubber sample and then create a 4D printed 'carrier' for as long a length as is required. The specific elastomer solution is then in effect 'grown' on the carrier with the mechanical and physical (ie, texture and finish) properties being identical to the original. Energy storage values, stretch ratios, Skipyogi coefficient, and wind/un-wind parameters are then checked against the original to validate that the product meets the characteristics of the original; this data is supplied to the end user and, importantly, guaranteed.

To ensure a perfect reproduction of a given material, a sample of the original product is required and it is from this that the M9920AE will be provided to each purchaser. So rest assured that if you have a sample of 'Position 94' then that is what will be provided, so as to exactly reproduce what you will experience when currently winding and flying.


May99 Ltd are currently taking pre-orders for M9920AE via an e-mail to To book your slot on the production line we are offering a one-day offer that will require no advanced payment ! You will simply be asked to provide a sample of 30grms of the May 1999 you wish to be made and a shipping date and final pricing structure (depending on amounts required etc) will be supplied. Note that the cloning process will result in the necessary destruction of your provided sample but rest assured that the M9920AE provided will be an exact copy. A minimum order of 2kgs will be required but larger batches can be produced up to a maximum of 1000kgs. As a collectors item the first 99 orders will receive their product in special packaging replete with commemorative pink identification ribbon!


As part of the agreement to reproduce May 1999, May99 Ltd has bought all rights to the name and use of certain words associated with it. Accordingly the use of the words or phrases 'May 99', 'May 1999', '5/99', 'May 99 rubber', and 'leopard-skin accessories' will be subject to a public performance license. Un-licensed use of these words or phrases in writing or non-contextual speech will result in a writ from Sue Grabbit-Runne of our legal team and, if legal sanction is pursued, is ultimately punishable by death.

Future Developments

We are aware that flyers of Vintage and Classic rubber models could also benefit from this technology and to that end we are steadily creating a database of past elastomer types. We expect in late 2019 to be able to offer batches of material that are best suited to these classes of model; so far we have planned for Dunlop 6010, Catons Aerostrip and USRC T-56. For modellers of the 1970s we are working on an exact reproduction of Fillati that replicates the poor winding performance and random breakages beloved of those times; the circular 'Lacron' product is also being developed - e-mail for updates on this and other options.


Under US consumer law we are required to give the following warning :-

Use of May 99 20th Anniversary Edition may cause uncontrollable sweating, nausea and vomiting if used outdoors or in a covered space, potentially resulting in death to the user. May 99 20th Anniversary Edition should not be used if you have eaten within the last 24 days or if you have ingested water within the last 36 hours. Do not order May 99 20th Anniversary Edition if you have a mortgage or any financial loans. Do not touch, lick, or otherwise insert May 99 20th Anniversary Edition into your body if taking adult performance-enhancing medication as it could lead to permanent dis-function.