Skip Yogi - the true story

- Chris Edge, Project Manager

Skip Yogi was an entirely new concept in F1A techniques credited to the quartet of Martin Gregorie, Lee Hines, Martyn Cowley and Chris Edge. The idea was developed at Hotel Apaj, near Domsod, Hungary during some downtime in the 1995 World Championships schedule. For some strange reason Mike Fantham wasn't there. Maybe he was out trimming or eating fish and hence didn't take part in this momentous event. This decision has haunted him.

The concept was formulated outside the restaurant complex on a nice sunny afternoon. Beer had and was being consumed leading to a free-flowing discussion. Lee sketched the Skip Yogi concept on a piece of paper, which he claims to have stored in a secure, San Andreas-proof vault in a secret location in Southern California.

Like the Pepsi recipe, the Skip Yogi concept is a closely guarded secret. The four originators have not been present at the same location since, in order to ensure that they can't be captured and tortured for information by those who desire to control it.

Scurrilous allegations persist that the four originators are so old and frazzled that they no longer are able to remember the details of Skip Yogi, which are of course complete, er, what was I going to say here?