Pre-flight briefing pages

This page contains links to pre-flight briefing pages:

These are a pair of web pages that link to the web sites I use the previous night or on the morning I'm going make a cross-country flight. They contain standards-compliant HTML text, so should work with any web browser. Save both these pages to your hard disk and add them to your web browser's hot list.

If you prefer, you can link to the briefing pages on my site. This will automatically keep you up to date with any changes and improvements I might make. On the other hand you'll probably want to add password reminders, etc. to the text and you can only do that if you take your own local copy. Swings and roundabouts: do whatever pleases you.

The pre-flight briefing page contains quite a bit of descriptive text. I suggest you use it until you're confident about using the web sites it references and then switch to the summary briefing page, which is sufficiently terse for the whole thing fit comfortably inside the page area provided by most web browsers. The pages assume that you're a Cambridge Gliding Club member. This affects the detailed directions for getting NOTAMs as well as the last section of each page, which is specific to the CGC web site. If you're not a CGC member, then just edit the page(s) to suit your location and club affiliation after you download them.

One last thing. If you find errors or think something needs adding please e-mail me, Martin Gregorie, and let me know about it.