Glasflugel H.201 Standard Libelle, Werk nr. 82.

On finals

In March 2006 I once again became a full flying member of the Cambridge GC and bought BGA2247, an H.201 Standard Libelle. Over the next few months I re-soloed, mainly in the club's Puchacz under the guidance of Robert Thiele, while I worked on my Libelle. She was in perfect condition when I bought her but I wanted to install my SDI C4 vario, which I'd retrieved from the ASW-20 and had fully overhauled in Germany. In the process the panel got refurbished and repainted. I also adapted the battery compartment to hold two 7 amp-hour gel cells. As part of this task I made a new lid for the battery box, which also forms an integrated battery selector and a mount for my logger and its associated GPS.

I've been able to piece together its history from the log book and previous owners' memories.

During the 2006 CofA inspection its racing trigraph was changed to 123, which I'd retained from the ASW-20. As it had just changed hands and was last weighed in 1999, we took the opportunity to reweigh it. This showed the empty CG to be behind allowable range. On investigation we found 828 grams of lead screwed to the back of the fin post. It had evidently been there for some time, as it showed white overspray from the last time the rear of the glider had been refinished: probably in 1984. After removing it the empty CG was in limits and reweighing was successfully completed.

BGA 2247